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Mrs. Maria Sufi


It gives me immense pleasure to see that The Lillian School is striving hard to impart quality education to children from all sections of society without prejudice and discrimination of any kind. It is important that emphasis be given to human and moral values, so that our students grow up in an atmosphere of social responsibility. I am convinced that the School is fully aware of its responsibilities of preparing the students for a responsive citizenship. With the school at the threshold of a new academic session, I welcome all the newly admitted students to the Lillian family. I take this opportunity to express my appreciation of the good work done by the entire working staff. It is important to me as your principal, that everyone who steps through our doors are excited to be here and be a part of something new! Working together enables us all to meet the challenges we need in a positive, fun and nurturing environment. Please call our school when you have queries or concerns. We wish your child a happy and successful school year and look forward to an exciting journey with you all.

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